CXL Institute Growth Marketing Minidegree. Part (10/12)

This road is ending and I’m in my final weeks to finish the Growth marketing mini degree. The last courses are so entertaining. I did the Facebook Ad course, marketing strategy course, and Optimizing your marketing tech stack course.

Tech Stack

The Tech Stack course:

This is probably the most important course to learn if you want to lead a Digital Transformation in your business or your work. You have to learn how to integrate different software to have all the information and data in your hand to make decisions, resolve client problems, integrate your marketing and sales, etc…

For a good Tech Stack, you need a Customer data platform like Segment. Amazing software that can integrate different sources of data.

Segment (CDP)

Facebook Ads Course:

In this course, you will learn the amazing and simple BELT Method.

B: Belief

E: Engage

L: Lead

T: Transact

Is a simple method where we can fully cover the Conversion funnel and get amazing results on our performance.

The Growthmaster Training workshop

1. Planning:

This is the first phase and it must be taken into account that it must be built correctly because the other test faces depend 100% on the experiments being planned correctly. If we make a wrong hypothesis, the results we will obtain will not be very useful.
In order to pose a hypothesis correctly we must take things into account:
We need enough data to be able to perform the experiment. If we have at least 1000 conversions per month we can start to perform A/B tests.
We must decide which is the KPI we want to improve or monitor at the time of performing the test and get results.
We must understand the client’s needs to be able to pose the correct hypothesis and for this we must investigate all the stackeholders that use the product/service.
At the moment of creating the Hypothesis we think about it in the following way:
If I APPLY THIS, then THIS BEHAVORIAL CHANGE will happen, ( among THIS GROUP ), because of THIS REASON.
We must give priority to the experiments that have a greater impact on the business, but for this we must see the time and resources that it means to carry it out. Several small experiments may have a greater impact than a medium-size experiment.

These are the things we should consider when planning our experiments. This is very broad because I am leaving out all the details. If you want to see the details I recommend you to sign up for the course because I would really be about 7 days writing this post haha. And this blog is more than anything to tell my experience and summarize the content of the courses.

2. Execute:

This is the second phase where we must execute and perform the test.
In general a good practice is only to perform a challgener 1 variable at a time.
It is recommended to use the Google Optimize tool that is free for the test. Although you can choose some paid if you prefer.
We must calculate the duration of the test. We can do it with the following calculator
We have to monitor the progress of the tests as the time of the experiment progresses. If an experiment was not a winner we must cut and perform another with other variables. The possibility that that non-winning experiment is a winner if we repeat the experiment is almost nil.

3. Analyze:

To analyze the results it is recommended to use the Bayesian calculator
Generally experiments are done with a significance of >90% which we would consider as a significant result and so we could choose a winner. The higher that percentage, the higher the probability that the winner will actually be a winner.
Apply the results to the business case. Show the impact this change can have on the business’ profits.

These are the 3 points that we must take into account as a summary.

Marketing course:

This course is short but has a lot of important information.

— -

It is worth mentioning that probably not all of us will work directly on this, since we have different roles in the growth teams, but it is very important to understand all these concepts and processes in order to understand what is being done and discussed.
What if the methodology is the same for everyone and the quick experimentation will be important at the moment of fulfilling the business objectives.

If you are ready to learn I recommend the CXL Institute. My life has changed, in my first work I applied a lot of the things I'm learning and the interview was really easy in the technical aspects. The amount of new tools that you are going to learn and understand is going to change your whole life and you are going to be a step further in the next level of understanding and knowledge.

— -

Unfortunately, as it is the end of the year, I have not had much time to study and take the courses because at least in my country, at this time of year, people work more than 9 hours a day, which is unfortunate. But well that is the reality that we live to somewhere the mental health of the worker is not so important but that the only thing that matters to the companies is to make profitable their business without concerning the cost that implies. I hope someday to be able to go to work outside of my country to have a balance between my personal life and my work life. At the moment my working life is the one that consumes most of my time, unfortunately.

Continue training, studying, and learning guys!!!